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Go Beyond a Resume

All the benefits of social, but without the need to sneak around. Students curate ideas, pictures, videos, recommendations, and work products to help you evaluate them right in the platform.

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Showcase your Brand

Partner employers showcase their opportunities and company culture from their own landing page. Create a footprint that helps talent find you.

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Why? Because we’re building this platform for students, and we want them to have all of the opportunities they can.

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What’s Coming?

We’re building a two-sided marketplace.

Using Cirkled In’s opted-in user database, we’re empowering employers to identify and connect with the right-fit candidates, making the best-fit match between talent and opportunity.

If you’re interested in helping us build the future, join us as a Beta Partner as we design the platform and revolutionize the youth recruitment industry.

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Thank you for helping students explore career pathways, gain real-world experience, and find income / volunteering opportunities. 

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