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With Cirkled In’s student portfolio, keep track of your entire academic journey and share your authentic story with colleges and future employers. Here is how it works:

Arrow Starting is Easy! Basic academic outline: classes, grades, etc.

Arrow Add On! Extra-curriculars, volunteering, passions, goals.

Arrow Make it pop! Add photos, videos, and project samples.

Then share your secure portfolio link and connect with colleges and employers searching for students like you!

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Did you know that 80% of colleges have made SAT/ACT optional?

Colleges and universities know that test scores and GPAs don't tell the full story of a students’ academic career. They are looking for a candidates’ comprehensive story and a Cirkled In profile is filling that need.

A Cikled In profile eliminates the need for colleges to turn to your social media profile to know who you are.

With Cirkled In, you build a portfolio that:

Arrow Showcases images and videos of events, awards, and activities you’ve participated in, all in one place.

Arrow Allows you to collect and show recommendations from people who know you.

Arrow Can be shared as a link with colleges or organizations as part of an application or for more information.

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Colleges and Employers use Cirkled In to find Right-Fit Students

Have the right colleges and employers come to you! On Cirkled In, colleges and organizations can search for and recruit students like you every day. Once you complete your student portfolio and make it searchable, recruiters can find you. This increases the chances of getting into the right school or finding the right opportunity to move your career forward.

Pro Tio: To increase your chance of being found by recruiters on Cirkled In, fill out your academic profile and future plans as completely as possible. Having a robust profile is the number one key to increasing your chances of being found.

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Arrow You’re in complete control of what is seen and not seen on your student portfolio. You’re able to mark each section in your portfolio as private or sharable.

Arrow Search engines cannot “crawl” your data. That means your academic portfolio won’t show up on search engines like Google.

Arrow We keep your information secure will SSL technology and multiple layers of security.


Arrow You’ll have access to your profile forever, no matter when you set it up. It can stay with you forever through K-12, college, career, and beyond.

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